Monday, November 27, 2006

Don’t try this at home kids: silver screen inspiration

I’m recently guilty of being inspired by a movie.

To ill effect.

After watching Happy Feet, I became convinced that I could become a dancing penguin. But seriously, I think many of us may be missing the points that movies are supposed to make and are being inspired in the wrong ways. It’s like the guy who sees Apocalypse Now and joins the army. The student who watches Dr. Strangelove and becomes a Nuclear Physicist. The teen rebel that watches Easy Rider and becomes a Harley Davidson mechanic. The woman who watches Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and becomes a bird watcher.

Now obviously, we all abuse our movie inspirations in much less blatant ways, whether that be aspiring to be action heroes or thinking that we can realistically woo the girl of our dreams through some sort of 12 step self-improvement program.

What makes us think that things good or bad are going to be rapped up in neat little Hollywood ending package? We can’t really blame Hollywood, because first and foremost they’re there for the entertainment value, not to school us in life.

However, I do think that every inspirational title that comes along deserves a Jackass style intro: “Warning, this movie is fictional, do not attempt to emulate these characters. You will fail.”

When Hollywood does come to its senses and institutes this warning system, maybe some of us will start looking to real life for our inspirations, or at the very least it’ll save me money on dancing lessons.


Ar-Jew-Tino said...

Don't forget the slacker who watches the Back to the Future Trilogy and becomes an outspoken supporter of the flux capacitor.

Across The River said...

So true ar-jew-tino, the possibilities for abuse are endless.