Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Why we write

I promised myself when I started this blog two weeks ago that I wouldn’t get too personal and that I wouldn’t use this as a public forum to air my private grievances. I do this not only because it’s not my style, but also because quite frankly the pettiness that happens in life isn’t worth dignifying with writing. I don’t write for you-I don’t write to try to get kudos from friends, to attract the attention of women, or to try to express biting social commentary (though the last part may happen…minus the biting part). I write because it’s a part of me, and I write this way as a second expression of myself.

I once had a friend remark that she was becoming increasingly frustrated by the writing that she read from a lot of men. When she met them in person they inevitably turned out to be much less charming than they seemed via the various emails, poems and other pieces of writing she had seen.

I had to laugh and nod, not because I’ve experienced this problem with women, but because I could identify with the men she was referring to. My writing is a completely different side of me.

It’s the opportunity for me to play the politician, the comedian, the cynic, the optimist, etc…

Hi, my name is Across the River, formerly Not Your Monkey when I guest posted on The View from Dupont’s blog. When I was at the bloggers happy hour last Thursday I had a brief conversation with Roosh V, in which he jokingly asked me if I had any questions, and if there was any knowledge he could impart to a new blogger such as myself. Thanks Roosh, I think I got it figured out.

Also kudos to Circle V for this fine picture from the blogger’s happy hour. I’m the one on the right attempting to swallow my own tongue.

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