Sunday, January 21, 2007

All is right with the world

There is snow on the ground. (Half of DC's driving population will decide to take public transportation tomorrow morning, thus causing horrendous overcrowding and backups on the Metro. When you are reading this Monday morning, my 5'6" frame will probably still be crammed in the armpit of some 6'5'' hulking behemoth. Oh well, happiness is fleeting anyway, I will enjoy it today.) Hooray!

Those press loving, sympathy soaking Saints bastards lost. (If I see one more Katrina special disguised as Saints' media coverage, I'm going to throw up. Maybe next year the press will stop linking the Saints' success to the well-being of the city of New Orleans.) Hooray!

In a double dose of “All is rightness,” the Patriots lose and the Colts win. Score two for this Bill Belichick hater/Peyton Manning lover (umm, Peyton Manning fan…you know what I mean). Hooray!


The View from Dupont said...

I'm sorry... I just don't know that I can be drinking buddies with a Peyton Manning Lover.

(and speaking of using the media - you who hate the Saints for it, can we point out PManning's - in the world of PDiddy of course - disgusting use of commercial contracts this season?)

Across The River said...

View from Dupont: Right back at you-this relationship of beer and nachos is forever strained. I'll forgive you this time for badmouthing Peyton Manning, just because I know you also hate the Cowboys.