Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Get Fit or Die Trying, Post-Holiday Edition

Over the holidays my “Get Fit or Die Trying” tour/fitness goal took a massive gangsta style hit. It was a holiday massacre. An entire week of fast food, home-cooked food, holiday food, and for good measure almost complete lack of exercise put the tour in the ICU. I managed one run the entire week and managed to burn a few calories helping friends move this past weekend, but overall, pathetic.

However, worry not dear readers, “Get Fit or Die Trying” is continuing in 2007. It’s back to whole wheat bread, salads, and other tasteless foods. I also start back up at my gym this week. View from Dupont has said she wants to hit the gym with me, which initially concerned me. As I’ve detailed before, I look more like a rabid monkey when I’m exercising, and the thought of someone I know seeing me in that state initially worried me.

I got over that worry when I thought about it a little more. View from Dupont has seen me at my worst and probably has no illusions, because we’ve already done the deed that exposes the most sloppy, primal part of ourselves.

I am of course talking about eating nachos together. The gooey cheese running off of your fingers, the refried beans dripping out the corner of your mouth, the slight shudder you make when you consume a jalapeno-it’s all absolutely disgusting. The gross factor is just too much for casual friends to handle. You know you’ve become good friends with someone when you can eat nachos with them. (I may be pushing the boundaries of that friendship with this characterization. Expected comments include: “Don’t you ever mention me and Mexican food in the same sentence ever again!” and “My boyfriend is coming over to beat you up.”)

I am reminded that it was eating nachos that got me where I am to begin with, so here’s to a 2007 with less nachos, and more rabid monkey exercising.


The View from Dupont said...

Oh Monkey - I love you, and I LOVE our nacho dinners. Does a plate of nachos and a beer count as dinner? Oh well, either way, I look forward to those evenings when we forego the gym and head straight for the enemy: calories.

mm said...

haha, nachos are messy pieces of heavennnn.

HomeImprovementNinja said...

I need to get back to the gym again. Starting Monday. I'm gonna get back to less than 10% body fat by the end of this month. I'm very fat and un-ninjalike right now.

Daniel Mayfield said...

Are we doing the running thing this weekend? I'm not sure when the physical is, but I should hear from Round 1 soon.