Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I heart bolt cutters

Monday evening started off like many evenings. After work I decided to hit up my work’s gym (free!). I changed into my gym clothes and then proceeded to put everything in my locker and locked the Masterlock. Except I put everything in my locker, including my key to the lock. Doh!

Sheepishly I walk through the lobby and to the front desk, where I proceed to explain my situation to the desk guard. She puts in a call to maintenance and promises someone will be down shortly.

It’s about 6 pm now. People are leaving their offices and making their way through the lobby. I’m standing around in shorty, short gym shorts and a thin t-shirt. I’m getting a lot of looks. Maybe it was my pale white legs that have been known to cause snow blindness if you stare at them long enough. Maybe it’s the fact that it was cold in the lobby and my nipples were so hard I could probably have cut glass. Either way, it was an uncomfortable 20-minute wait.

The maintenance man finally shows up with some bolt cutters. We make our way to the men’s locker room where he proceeds to snap the lock off. I marvel briefly at the power of modern tools and thank him a few times. He introduces himself as Alex, I shake his hand, and he is on his way.

Thank you Alex, and remember kids, dementia isn’t just an old folks condition anymore.

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