Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pointless day, hopeful future

He flips the music on. The guitars, drums, bass and trumpets seep into his ears through his headphones. The sense of being enveloped by the music is comforting. The house is dead quiet. He has barely spoken a word all day. Bono is talking about “Sunday Bloody Sunday” but his day has not been quite as violent or revolutionary. He woke up, checked his email, ate, watched football, and went for a short, painful run. He can’t help think that this is more of a “Sunday, meaningless Sunday.”

He will try to mean more tomorrow. He’ll look at some apartments with his roommate, he’ll pick up a replacement monitor for his computer, he’ll do some cooking that doesn’t involve the microwave, he’ll try to run again-this time with less gasping of pain.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day. They leave off the Lee/Jackson part up here. He doesn’t shed too many tears.

Martin Luther King Day will always be a landmark of a different sort for him. It was that day two years ago that he came up here with a suitcase and few collared shirts to stay with a friend while he looked for a place in his new hometown. The day after Martin Luther King Day he started his first paid foray into the world of public relations, and the world of being on his own. He’s damn proud of what he’s done in that time period. He also wishes he could have done more, but that’s what the present and the future are for, right?

Two years have passed, but he’s got an entire lifetime ahead of him to do things the way he wants to fucking do them. Two years ago was a new beginning, but right now is where the opportunities are. I refuse to become complacent. Here’s to an active, aggressive 2007, and one where I write less in the third person singular for no apparent reason :).

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