Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Weekend Recap Part 1: Friday Night, Talk to the Hand

I got my new toy in the mail on Thursday. As promised, I spent my first full day with the camera taking pictures and trying to make up for years of being a photo phantom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help when your friends still cling to the old ways and refuse to be photographed.

On Friday night, we spent our evening swilling beer, shooting pool and chilling out in good old Arlington. Unfortunately, I’ll never have photo evidence of the night. Oh the tragedy.

Speaking of tragedies, stay tuned for the epic saga that is Weekend Recap Part 2: Saturday Night, Beer, Guns, and Asian Hookers.


mm said...

still waiting to hear about those asian hookers.....don't dissapoint!

Anonymous said...

I'm Asian... If only I could make money with sex.

I think this is a grand marketing opportunity because people actually like to pay for disappointment!

Consider the $50 a month on Cable bills for over 120 channel of pure crap.

So, "mm"... Why hear about it when you can get the full experience. Sucky sucky five dolla (Or best offer)... Me love you short time.


Across The River said...

mm: Soon. I have been working on a version that is vague enough to not get people in trouble, yet detailed enough to give you idea of the craziness that was Saturday night.

pele: Your game is good dear sir. Please, take me on as your student, nay, your disciple.