Monday, March 12, 2007

Well, my intentions were good

About midway through my Saturday at RFK, I looked straight at my friend Dan and hoisted a beer in his direction.

Me: Hey Dan, it was your idea for us all to do Shamrockfest this year, wasn’t it?

Dan: No…it was your idea.

Me: Oh…well then cheers to me then!

And with that I threw back the green swill in my cup, otherwise known as St. Patty’s Day Bud Light. Ahh, what a glorious day. Beer, loud music, good friends, and Flogging freaking Molly live. If you were there when Flogging Molly was playing, maybe you saw me, swinging from the metal bars of the soundstage to get a better view…until security pulled me down. Yes, View From Dupont, I did earn my moniker that day.


The Wanderer said...

I wish i had seen you... i was over on the grass by the tree where the kids kept getting pulled out of. Was a good show though : )

Patricia said...

Hmmm...I wonder if we overlapped at all. We left close to 7 since we'd been there for awhile already. And...why didn't we find the green beer? Mine might have been more enjoyable had it been green.

Hope you had fun!

Across The River said...

the wanderer: Damn kids, don't they know they should leave the shenanigans to grown-ups?
patricia: We got there when gates, opened at noon and stayed till closing at 10pm. :) The beer was green at only a few of the stations, and what green beer they had did not last much longer than 3 hours after opening.

Texpundit said...

I hate you. I was so hungover from Friday's escapades that there was NO way I was going to the ' I missed Flogging Molly. :(

I love those guys.

Across The River said...

Tex: You missed a good time, but I understand that green liquid and rock n' roll isn't exactly conducive for hangovers.