Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Few Days Late-Blogger Happy Hour Recap

I somehow got in on a conversation that was going nowhere with my friend Dan, and Lemon Gloria, about Will Ferrell movies. Dan and I weren’t really succeeding in convincing her that Will Ferrell was the best thing since sliced bread, and I started looking for a way to change the topic. In order to prove some point about being able to enjoy non-intelligent movies, I made the grave mistake of switching the topic to the movie 300. Ohh, ball four, and Across the River walks Lemon Gloria.

As she walked away I turned in exasperation to Dan and exclaimed “THIS IS MADNESS!”

“Madness?” he said and paused before his voice changed to a deep growl and he yelled “THIS…IS… BLOGGER… HAPPY…HOUR!” He then proceeded to kick me into a deep, dark hole that conveniently happened to be right behind me.

Of course, if you believe those last two paragraphs, I have some Nigerian friends who would love to talk with you about an unclaimed inheritance.

I had a blast at the blogger happy hour last Thursday. It was really nice to meet I66, who was very chill and was hosting his second to last happy hour. It was also a pleasure to finally meet The Home Improvement Ninja. Anyone who could kill you in your sleep, pick a stock portfolio for you, and renovate your house, all at the same time, deserves some respect.

I met a host of other bloggers including, I Now Pronounce You, Lemon Gloria (I’m just kidding on the above, please don’t nominate me for ‘Most annoying asshole that I ever met at a blogger happy hour’ on Best DC Blogs), Dagny Taggart, and a slew of others that I’m forgetting.

I’m apparently becoming more of a regular with these things, because I’d say about 3/4 of the people I’d already met. I think I’ve done a decent job flattering ya’ll in the past with my previous happy hour recaps, so you’ll forgive me if don’t mention ya’ll this time. ;)


mm said...

You're forgiven. Nice to see you on Thursday!

Lisa said...

Oh, no! I feel terrible about that! I'm really not a movie snob; I just hate Will Ferrell and much like W, I just can't look at his face. Mostly I'm just woefully culturally oblivious! It was so nice chatting with you - I really did have a good time.

Across The River said...

mm: Thanks for the forgiveness, I can sleep now. It was good seeing you too :)
lisa: Nothing wrong with being a Will Ferrell hater, I was more mocking my conversational inadequacy. Good to meet you.