Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Spring Weekend in DC told through Photos

I hope to get back to regular posting soon. Until then, my weekend in photos:

Saturday night

I do not know where the flower came from. Somehow it ended up in almost everybody’s hair/mouth, etc this evening.

Another happy couple and that red flower…

The man who refuses to have his photo taken.

Ohhh, too slow grasshopper. Got you. Plus now it looks like you are flashing a gang sign. Word to your mother.

Sunday afternoon

The names and photos of the fallen. I noticed a number of kids slowly and somberly studying the memorial. We may have desensitized kids to images of death and violence, but 58,249 names on a wall makes an impression. I am optimistic about our nation’s youth.

The uniforms may change, but the faces do not. Top, Vietnam War Memorial. Bottom, Korean War Memorial.

I am currently reading a fascinating book on this guy. His character, intelligence and foresight alone were far grander than even this statue can convey.

Sometimes, there's just so much beauty in this world…

Looking out, across the river.


ジェネヴィーヴ said...

Pretty pictures.

I am optimistic about our nation’s youth.
Me as well. Though considering global warming, I suppose we don't really need to worry about that as the earth will probably be destroyed before we see retirement.

Patricia said...

Looks like you're enjoying that digital camera of yours.

This weekend was incredibly beautiful. Glad you had a chance to enjoy the monuments (and show us pretty pictures)!

Carrie M said...

that's a great photo across the river, across the river. :-)

Across The River said...

Gen: Gotta love that optimism. ;)

Patricia: The camera's been great and has actually given me motivation to get outside more.

Carrie m: Why thank you.