Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Are you a nerd?

“So are you one of Dan’s normal friends, or one of his nerd friends?”

The question caught me off guard. What was her definition of normal? What had Dan told her? The look of confusion and mild panic must have crossed my face, as her next comment was more reassuring.

“Ohhh, don’t worry. I work for AOL.”

Oh, thank god. The calmness returned. She was…one of us.

I’ve heard it said a dozen times by DC bloggers. “We’re not all nerds,” or “When I met him in real life, I was surprised to find out that he was a normal guy.” To this I say: normal, what fun is that?

The best thing about being a nerd is learning where you fit in amongst the hierarchy. I’m what you might consider a “Mid-level” nerd. My social skills are lacking at times, I’m good with computers, can quote Monty Python on command, and could probably write a thesis on Star Wars.

That being said, I do have some critical, some might say deal breaking nerd deficiencies. I’m absolutely horrible with math and science. A nerd who sucks at math and science? What sort or nerd are you? Doesn’t that disqualify you from being a nerd? Yes, yes my little padawan, I realize that, notice how I said in a previous sentence, “deal breaking.”

My lack of mad math and science skills has been a source of serious torment in the past. (Ok, scratch that, maybe more “mild aggravation.”) You can’t really do computers as a career if you don’t understand the 0’s and the 1’s.

My lack of science skills has also caused me to fail the litmus test that one of my friends has for being a nerd. He has a plan…no more of a dream, to one day build a gun/machine that can fire a crow through the air. A crow launcher if you will. When he starts to discuss this, it usually involves words such as “C02” and “air speed velocity.” I lose him when he gets to air speed velocity. So what is this litmus test, and the point to this damned footnote you ask? Simply, that if you give him an odd look while he is discussing this, you are not a nerd, and probably not worthy of his time. However, if you join in on the discussion, you have passed the nerd litmus test and may be able to co-patent the crow launcher with him, sometime in the distant future.

What is my ultimate point? Being a nerd shouldn’t be some sort of social disqualifier. No, the question should not be, “Are you a nerd?” It should be “Are you nerd enough?”


mm said...

Nerd power! I never considered myself a nerd, more of a dork. I don't have the stereotypical nerd knowledge (computers, star wars) but I definetly have the social awkwardness down to an art form. haha

ジェネヴィーヴ said...

haha love the lolcats picture. :)

i'd say i'm more of a dork or "loser" myself than a nerd. i, too suck at science and math but i'm in love with star wars, i memorize html coding, i love computers, and i get in fights over which is better- star wars or star trek. (in case you're unaware, it's star wars.)

Jo said...

Hooray for nerds!

I'm a nerd because I know that's Captain Picard in the second picture :-)

Trisha said...

I am not a nerd. I am not a dork. I am a geek and damn proud of it! :-)

Across The River said...

Everyone: Dork, nerd, loser...I think you're all getting hung up on semantics. Basically we've all just expropriated words that originally had negative connotations and started wearing them as badges.