Friday, June 1, 2007

For your consideration

So life’s been crazy lately. And I can’t really talk about it right now. I like to make my post either reflective or humorous, and I just can’t pull that out at the moment.

In the meantime, I’ll resort to the next best thing-pimping other people’s blogs. See those links on the right? Those are the blogs I read. You should click on them. Below are the cream of the crop; the one’s I try to read even on the craziest of days.

Arjewtino-Well known in all blogger circles, this man needs no pimping. Except for those of you who aren’t bloggers who read this. You must click on that link. Humorous observations from DC’s favorite Argentinean Jew await you.

El Guapo in DC-Arjewtino’s Guatemalan arch-nemesis. His claims of having the best mustache in DC cannot be independently verified, but the stories he tells, especially the one’s that involve his friend Miguel will bring tears to your eyes (usually from laughter). Here is an example, though the written content may be considered NSFW.

Home Improvement Ninja-Do not let his constant sayings of “I’m going to be blogging less” steer you away from checking this on a regular basis. That is just his ninja ways. He will strike when you least expect it.

Journey to Self Improvement-I like her style, she has no qualms about tackling any subject. Whether it be lighter fare, such as a post on pooping or some of her more serious observations on alcoholism, Journey to Self Improvement will always give her honest opinion to her readers.

Last Stop Suburbia-Comes up with the best blog titles for her blog entries and also posts some great photos. I can’t count how many times I’ve asked myself “Now what the hell would the boss think if he came by while I was reading this?”

View from Dupont-I’m not entirely convinced that her blog is DOA. The link will stay up and I will occasionally check it. You should too. The most well rounded blogger I’ve read-she can talk about politics, movies, work-anything, and make it sound interesting.

Writing in DC-Unlike myself and most other bloggers, she is a Real Writer®. While we piddle away on our keyboards and congratulate ourselves when we manage to write four paragraphs, Writing in DC is likely sitting outside a café writing her novel, or a poem-all with a coffee beverage of some sort in one hand, and a cool summer breeze behind her.


Anonymous said...

Comes up with the best blog titles for her blog entries and also posts some great photos.

Awww thanks! That makes me happy inside. ^_^

The View from Dupont said...

*is smiling*

Thank you, it's really well timed too - I needed that, Monkey.

Patricia said...

Thanks! Now I feel some pressure to make my posts more interesting, or to publish and really feel like a "real writer." :) Hope everything's ok and look forward to your posts.

mm said...

Aw! I really appreciate that. I'm happy you can dig the poo and the serious posts..haha

I hope you get back up and running again soon. I've caught myself lol-ing at some of your lighter posts as well :)

Arjewtino said...

You forgot to say how good-looking I am. I'll let it slide this time.