Sunday, October 21, 2007


Politics, satire, religion and useless trivia, from an obsessive compulsive, transplanted southerner, former conservative, agnostic, self admitted nerd living across the river.

Yep, that’s what the profile says, and I really haven’t been following this that well. So I figure in one fell swoop of my blog I shall satisfy all requirements:

I watched a little bit of the Republican debate tonight. Huckabee seemed like the most intelligent, rationale candidate, which as one of my friend’s pointed out is exactly why he won’t win in the primaries. I still have no clue how I’ll vote come the election.

As documented in this blog, I switched jobs back in the summer. Some of you may be wondering what it is that I do now. Well, I heard cats for a living. It can be a challenge at times, keeping the herd together. They’ll go their own way, or they’ll get into it with each other, and before you know it, the fur is flying. Most weeks I’m lucky, and I come away with just a few scrapes. Other weeks, it’s more serious gashes. It’s an expected job hazard. Anyone who tells you differently is spinning a good yarn.

Useless trivia
First person to tell me the name of the artist and song that is played at the end of the Michael Mann thriller Heat will win a free shot/beverage of choice next time I see you/make it to a blogger’s happy hour.

Obsessive compulsive
Thankfully my little neurosis has not managed to manifest itself in my blog. I must make sure that this never happens. I must not let it happen…

Transplanted southerner
It is a crime against humanity that I can’t get decent BBQ up here. A weekend trip to North Carolina has briefly satisfied my cravings, but at the expense of one of my friend’s having to see me stuff minced pork and hushpuppies in my face. It was not pretty, but oh it was soooo good.

Former conservative
Is it bad that I’m actually considering voting for Hillary?

The things that make me think that there might be a god are not found in the Bible.

Self admitted nerd
I’ve posted Star Wars references, and lolcats pictures amongst other things. I’ve definitely justified my nerd status in past posts.

Living across the river
Yup, that’s still me.


Pele said...

Oh, I can get you some good Barbecue... Corner of Bladensburg and New York Avenue, there's a little dive called "Hogs on the Hill"... Heart attack in a Styrofoam box...

Oh so good, and the prelude to many an afternoon nap...

Across The River said...

pele: Hmmm, a weekend BBQ excursion may be in order...

Genevieve said...

lolcat pictures with star wars captions are some of the best.

pls don't vote for hilary. she's scary. i saw her on tv once and she was all "when i am president" like she'd won already. i'm convinced she's the anti- christ.

wooo! south carolina has some decent "southern cookin". & i don't even like bbq!