Monday, November 26, 2007


A friend and coworker had just convinced the boss to allow her to start up a company blog. Curiously I decided to contribute to this “new” medium and wrote a lighthearted industry piece late one Sunday night. With trepidation I handed it out at our Monday morning staff meeting. The response was enthusiastic from almost everyone. Due to some internal politics, that piece would never be posted, but I was encouraged and encouraged more by my friend, who kindly offered me a guest spot on her blog. My first post, a piece on Al Gore that referenced global warming, Terminator 2, and the fact that there were “No term limits for mediocrity,” amazingly got picked up by the Washington Post Express website and made me start thinking about doing this on a regular basis.

My first post on my own blog was just shy of one year ago. In that time period I’ve met new friends, and showed old friends a side of me that they had not seen before. Most importantly I’ve just enjoyed writing. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Discovered that I was not in fact Scottish: What’s in a heritage?
Almost died while exercising: Dying trying
A day of moving wrecked by an oversight: Case study: Bursting of an Ego
Proposed a nacho litmus test for friendship: Get Fit or Die Trying, Post-Holiday Edition
Got hit on by the local DNC: Political Ambiguity
Gave some useful advice for Valentines day: Happy Singles Awareness Day!
Proposed betting on the likelihood of friends’ breakups: It must be something in the water
Fumed about my drumming roommate: Dr. StrangeDrum: Or How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Beat
Because a Saturday night just isn’t the same without beer, guns, and Asian hookers: Weekend Recap Part 2: Saturday Night, Beer, Guns, and Asian Hookers
Do you know how many people are still stumbling across my site because of this post?: Dennis Kucinich is an American Hero (and a player!)
Almost died while eating: Salmon in a Pouch
Was preached to by an ax murderer: Moral teachings from an Axe Murderer, Part 1
Changed jobs and left DC…for N.VA: I will miss DC
Proposed a ranking system for nerds: Are you a nerd?
Received my first marriage proposal from a fellow blogger: I’ll have a beer, and “The Final Countdown”
The roommate stops drumming just long enough to parade around the house in his tight underwear: Why Matt will be taking advantage of his insurance in the future

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We gathered around the table at our dive bar and sipped our beers.

Goodbye to close family. Goodbye to close friends. Goodbye to the dive bar. Everything must end someday, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m going to miss you friend. I’m going to miss you dive bar. Everything must end someday, but it shouldn’t be ending right now.

We gathered around the table at our dive bar and sipped our beers.

Fond memories. Where did time go? We never thought things would change.

Reassuring smiles. What will we do without you? I never think things will change.

I sipped my beer. You all sipped yours. We sang our Bon Jovi. We cracked our dumb jokes. We raised up our glasses. We called it a night.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

History Lesson

Stu slid off the rock with all intentions being to land on two feet. Instead, his right foot pushed through the brambles, uncovering a small hole in the mountain face. With one swift motion, his heels dug into the rock, pushing the rest of his body backwards and slightly upwards, before he landed hard on the stone ground.

He sat there quietly stunned for a moment. His uncharacteristic silence made me wonder if he had seriously hurt himself. After a few more moments, he spoke. “Whew!” he exclaimed, before pulling himself up, while favoring his right shin.

Atop Little Round Top, in Gettysburg, PA, we dubbed that newly uncovered narrow crevice, “Stu’s Hole.” Before we left that spot, I had the fortune to warn another of the danger. A little kid, no older than 7 or 8 years old wove in and out of the rocks with a toy rifle in hand; playing soldier. As he came upon us, I decided against giving him a lecture on irony, and instead fixed him a stern glare. In as serious a tone as I could muster I said, “Hey! Be careful. That’s Stu’s Hole right there.”

With a snide tone that I imagine he usually reserved for annoying grownups, he shot back, “Yeah, I know!” and promptly scampered off.