Sunday, February 10, 2008


We don't get second chances too often. We make our choices, and we live with the consequences. When McCain first entered the primary race, I viewed it as a second chance-America's second chance to pick the candidate that they should have picked before the 2000 election. Instead some Republicans believed W's “compassionate conservative” bullshit and we got stuck with a war mongering, spend happy president.

At some point, myself and the rest of the potential voters got tired of the image that McCain was presenting. An anti-establishment candidate, who suddenly was not. A moderate who was cozying up to ultra-rightist. At the time, there seemed like better candidates out there. At the time, we believed he was done for.

The roller coaster ride that has been this year's primary season has proven us all wrong. McCain continues to cozy up to ultra-conservatives, and the far right continues to not believe him. As they should-McCain has consistently shown with his voting record that he actually stands for a responsible, moderate range of positions.

He supports a sensible border policy that focuses on border security and internal policies that realize economic necessities and the simple fact that it's impossible to expel every illegal immigrant from the country.

He supports tough foreign policy, yet fights against the barbaric use of torture as a “weapon.”

The McCain-Feingold act while not perfect, is the right step in fighting the excesses of K street. Believe me, I've seen the ugly head of lobbyist influence on American politics, and anything that can be done to curb their influence is a good thing. I know some honest Republicans who actually, seriously believe that it's a 1st amendment violation, but the majority dislike it because they feel that it hurts the Republicans ability to fund raise. When did the duty to fill the money chest override the duty to do the right thing?

McCain would try to have you believe now that he's a conservative candidate. He's not, and his voting record says otherwise. We have an opportunity to elect a candidate who's as two faced as any other politician, but in this current age where destructive policies enacted by W and his brood are damaging our image and interests worldwide, we have to suck it up and vote for the candidate who's actually going to enact responsible policies, current political rhetoric be damned.

I'm too jaded a political junky to call this a full on endorsement. As Obama supporters will find out soon enough, there's no knight in shining armor candidate. “Perfect candidate” is an oxymoron-I choose to look at this as a second (imperfect) chance.

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mm said...

I'm blinded by Obama's armor at the moment, but I wouldn't mind McCain taking office either.