Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ya'll just made my day!

“Hey ya'll,” said my co-worker.

I paused for a second. I made sure to take in my surroundings-my messy desk, my black and gold coffee mug, my little laptop. I wanted to remember this moment and everything that was associated with it. I had just accomplished the greatest feat of my life....I had just succeeded in fusing southern dialect with Korean co-workers.

Over three years of being laughed at for saying “Ya'll.” Random moments when my accent would become more pronounced, (mostly when I was angry or tired, or so I was told). Multiple jobs, numerous co-workers, and finally the latest job with an office full of Koreans. English was their second language, but southern would be their dialect if there was anything I could do about it.

I didn't sweat the small stuff, I didn't correct them when they constructed their grammatically correct sentences in perfect English. No, my approach was deeper than that. By constantly saying “Ya'll” I'd eventually break down the proper English grammar they had only recently had drilled into their heads.

Today was that day. Today we had a breakthrough.

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*high five*