Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fluffy tournament update

Holy $#@%! What a week it's been. After a favorable Sweet Sixteen, and a perfect Elite Eight, I've gone from 14th place out of 16, to first place! Am I jinxing myself by writing about my success? Will the cats have the last laugh? Will I be forced to bathe in my own saliva as penance? Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Being outwitted by Fluffy

I mentioned briefly last year that I participate in a non-competitive college basketball tournament. One of the participants names two of the brackets after his cats, with one of the cats "picking" the winner based on the size of the school, and the other on which mascot could beat up the other mascot. See original post here.

Last year I got third place in the tournament. This year, I am currently third to last-with the cats beating me.

If you choose to have fun with it, I am being outwitted by creatures that bat yarn balls and have substance abuse issues with catnip. If you look at it seriously, I am being outwitted by simple set formulas that don't take into consideration the numerous variables that contribute to the winning and losing in college basketball. All in all, it's a bit humiliating.