Friday, April 25, 2008

Not the bears, anything but the bears

I have an irrational fear of dying in odd manners. This was greatly enhanced about a year ago, when I watched the entire series of Six Feet Under on DVD. One of the trademarks of the show was that it started off each episode by showing the death of a person who ended up in the main characters' funeral home.

Sometimes these death were horrible or sad. Other times they were outlandish, like the jogger who got eaten by a mountain lion, or the house wife who got killed by falling blue ice. Oftentimes they were odd, like the man pulling out of his driveway who opens the car door while still in reverse to pick up his newspaper. Of course he falls out his car and ends up having his head crushed by his SUV.

I have a fear of dying in odd and outlandish manners. No doubt the likelihood of me ever dying because of a bear attack is small, but still the recent news of a bear randomly mauling his trainer has gotten me scared. Oh god, please don't let me be killed by a bear. Any death, but death by bear. If I were to ever go to a fortune teller and ask him how I'd die, and he said, "Well, I see a bear" I'd probably run screaming out of that place... and into the arms of a bear.

Oh, and to wrap some stuff up, I placed 2nd in the basketball tournament. I couldn't ride that 1st place train for more than a few days, but hey 2nd is pretty good too!

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Anonymous said...

Man I love Six Feet Under. They used to show reruns of it on some channel and I watched it religiously.

Hmm... I would prefer an instantaneous death. Like in my sleep or randomly getting shot between the eyes. I think some of the worst deaths would be falling from high up or catching fire.

Hmm... the bear thing reminds me of the dude that hung out with bears until they ate him and his girlfriend. They have the audio and made a whole documentary on it. *spooky*