Sunday, June 8, 2008


It's enjoyable for me to think about writing up the conclusion to my "Axe murderer" post, informing ya'll about the continued trials and tribulations of "Get fit or die trying," or trying my hand again at political satire. Unfortunately, the actual writing of these stories has lost it's thrill, and this blog has ground to a halt.

This blog has been a great outlet for me. It's given me the opportunity to express myself creatively, and for that I am grateful. Currently it's languishing in some sort of internet purgatory, where small, half thought out posts get written every month or so. Obviously, this is not fulfilling to me or my dwindling readership. At some point you just have to call it, and that's what I'm doing tonight. If I find some way to resurrect this, I'm sure you'll find out about it.

For the few people who use this blog as some sort of way to keep up with me, I've got an easy solution. Pick up the damn phone and call me-I'm looking at you family/friends. That or you can always track me down through the various online social networks, or messaging programs. Don't be strangers. Bye.

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