Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bachelor Cooking with Matt

It's time for another edition of Bachelor cooking. Well, another as in first edition of Bachelor cooking. Three years ago I attempted Salmon in a Pouch. Now I attempt something a bit more challenging...Chicken Parmesan.

Here's a recipe I pulled off of

4-6 chicken breasts
Italian dressing for marinating chicken
2 cups bread crumbs
1/2 cup Parmesan
garlic powder
salt and pepper
mozzarella cheese
spaghetti sauce
oil with 3 tbls. butter

I will not be following this recipe.

First step. Locate leftover store bought precooked chicken breast. Marvel at how well the chicken was properly breaded by a worker on an assembly line.

Second step. Apply cheese. Hmm, I don't have mozzarella or Parmesan. A slice of Swiss will have to do.

It's time to prepare the next and some might say the most important ingredient, The Sauce. This will take some time to prepare properly.

Prepared. Carefully coat both chicken breasts. And now it's time to cook this sucker.

Ohh, fumble. Go back ten spaces. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars. Grab a sponge.

The final product.

Technique: 1/4 stars
Presentation: 1/4 stars
Resourcefulness: 3/4
Taste: 4/4 stars
Final grade: Only the last category matters in Bachelor 4 stars. Booyakasha! Well done.

This has been another edition of Bachelor Cooking with Matt. Next week, Matt prepares a wild mushroom risotto.


Laurel said...

That was pretty hilarious, though I cringed when I saw the sauce all over the microwave.

(I completely believed, when I saw the ingredients list, that you were going to make it from scratch.)

Across The River said...

If I were to ever make something from scratch I think I would have to document every step, as no one would believe me.