Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I just hung up the phone.

I just hung up the phone.

I had called my friend to see how he and his pregnant wife were doing. He surprised me by telling me that they were actually inducing tomorrow and that the baby would likely be born Friday.

As we ended the call, a realization dawned on me.

Next time I speak with you, you'll be a father I told him.

Yeah, he said with a mixture of happiness and apprehension.

He's the first of my friends to have a child.

This day seemed so far off when he told me 9 months ago. I still can't believe that most of my friends are married. Their weddings seem like just yesterday. And now they're having kids.

I just hung up the phone and I realize how quickly life moves.

I'm so happy for him. Yet I'm scared too. (An odd emotion considering I'm not the one having the kid.) Life moves too quickly. I have to figure out how to enjoy the stages before they disappear. Before my friends move on.

I know I will. Good friends don't ditch you when they get married. They don't forget about you when they have kids. Things just change. And I think I'm getting used to that.

I just hung up the phone and I'm just happy to have friends who's joys I can share in.

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