Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have an active imagination

I was walking down a dimly lit trail this evening. In front of me I noticed some dark shapes that seemed to resemble humans.Which way are they going?, I wondered. I was too far away to make much out.

As I got closer I realized they were coming towards me.

I could vaguely make out two human shapes now, and what appeared to be a dog.

As I got closer, one of the human shaped objects swerved erratically along the pavement.

Hmm, maybe one human, and two dogs? One that's rather large.

As I got closer, the "dog" flapped it's huge ears.

Oh dear god I thought. What sort of monster on is ahead of me? A mini elephant? A giant bat?

As I got closer the child took his arms out of his jacket. He had been using his jacket like a cape. I walked around the mother, child and dog and silently chastised myself.